Thoughtful Care is a Kansas City owned and operated provider of unmatched caregiver support to families looking for the very best senior home care services.

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Free Assessment

Receive a free, personalized Alzheimer’s / dementia home care assessment. Based on your assessment, we can help educate you about Alzheimer’s and dementia and provide you with insight into the care options available to meet your specific challenges and needs, and offer support to relieve the struggles you are facing.

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A Plan of Care

We offer personalized Alzheimer’s and dementia care tips and advice that can dramatically reduce frustrations and increase the quality of life for your family and your loved one seeking dementia and Alzheimer’s home care.

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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Our experienced caregivers use specialized activities to help stimulate cognitive awareness, communication and physical activity. These activities are specifically designed for Alzheimer’s and dementia care, using familiar music, games, exercises and family photos. These cognitive tools are designed to help both stimulate and calm individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Personalized Caregiving

Preliminary caregiver interviews are an important step in finding the right caregiver for your loved one. A well matched caregiver to your family can provide significant relief and stability. Many other facilities or care providers overlook the importance of the chemistry between your family and a caregiver. We are not satisfied until you are.

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Recent Senior Care Topics

Portrait of a senior woman with her personal caregiver video chatting with someone using a laptop outside the house.

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Trying to take care of a parent or close relative from far away can be one of the biggest challenges many people face. However, with modern technology and services that offer personalized care for seniors…

Shot of an anonymous nurse checking in on their elderly patient in hospital

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Elderly woman showing affection with caregiver by touching foreheads

At What Point Do Dementia Patients Need 24-Hour Care?

Here’s a shocking fact: the most prevalent kind of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, affects almost 5.8 million Americans. Most people with the condition can accomplish everyday tasks independently in the early stages. However, they can face…


Alzheimer’s & Dementia Podcasts

Tim Tholen, CEO of Thoughtful Healthcare, discusses valuable strategies, tips, and information used every day in the care of Alzheimer and dementia patients at home.

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Wandering and Safety—A Live Event

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