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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dementia?

It is important to know that the term dementia is not a specific disease, it is a group of named diseases with specific symptoms. Each disease, Alzheimer’s included, affects the brain severely enough to impact daily living. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, accounting for roughly 50-80% of dementia cases.

What is Alzheimer’s disease?

The disease is one of several named dementias that cause memory loss and intellectual decline, serious enough to interfere with normal daily life. Dementia is NOT a sign of aging, and needs to be properly diagnosed.

How common is Alzheimer’s?

The disease accounts for roughly 60-80% of all dementias diagnosed. Though it primarily appears in people over 65, it can develop in those as young as 40.

How does Alzheimer’s progress?

There are 7 stages of Alzheimer’s, 1 to 7, from mild to severe. It is vital that if you suspect a loved one is beginning to show memory loss that they be diagnosed.

Is there a cure for Alzheimer’s?

There are no cures for dementia and Alzheimer’s at this time. There are drugs that treat the symptoms though, making the need for a diagnosis so important.

What is going to happen to my loved one?

No two cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia are the same. Generally the person suffering progressively loses memory and cognitive abilities. Activities of daily living such as talking, dressing, eating, bathing and washing are unable to be done without assistance. By the later stages the person will no longer be able to move or walk, so muscles will atrophy.

How do I find out more about dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?

The first step is get to a doctor and get a diagnosis of the dementia. Once you know what you and your loved ones are facing, a visit to your local Alzheimer’s Association will help. If you are overwhelmed by the care you need to provide, please call Thoughtful Care and we will work with you to develop a care plan that will work for you.

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