Best Cold Weather Exercise Options in Kansas City for Alzheimer’s Patients

When winter weather closes in on Kansas City, Overland Park and Leawood, it’s tempting to forgo exercise and fitness. People with Alzheimer’s disease and seniors with memory loss are at particular risk of becoming sedentary because their condition may prohibit driving, or otherwise keep them housebound.

Studies have shown a definite link between regular exercise and the slowing of Alzheimer’s symptoms. In other words, the more time a person with Alzheimer’s spends exercising, the slower the disease may progress.

Because we have the wellness of our community in mind, Thoughtful Care has put together a list of winter exercise tips for people with memory loss living in the Kansas City area:

  • Integrate daily exercise. Set a thirty minute timer and just do some exercise. Every day. Whether it’s walking on a treadmill, lifting weights, riding a stationary bike, doing something to get the blood moving for thirty minutes every day helps improve brain and heart function.
  •  Chair yoga is go! Prop up a laptop or a smart phone on a table and do a simple search for “Chair Yoga.” Scores of cost-free videos feature yoga routines meant for seniors who are looking for a healthy, low-impact way to exercise. Concentrated stretches and breathing can alleviate muscle tension, promoting restful sleep—another brain booster.
  • Tai Chi can help prevents falls. Tai Chi is a gentle form of movement that aids balance and promotes strength and flexibility, which can help prevent falls. Do a web search for “Tai Chi for Seniors” to see how many resources are available for in-home Tai Chi practice. Billions of seniors practice Tai Chi all over the world– because it works.

To help family caregivers maintain a healthy lifestyle in the home and to integrate exercise into a routine during the winter, contact us at Thoughful Care. Our professional caregivers know how to create and stick to routines for people with memory loss. We are here to help.