Developing a Dementia Care Plan

You’ve probably heard the word care plan before, but you may or may not know exactly what it is or why someone with dementia might need one.

For a person with Alzheimer’s, or other form of dementia, the care plan is an outline of his or her daily routine, current needs, and medical status. It lets you, and everyone on your medical team, know who is responsible for what and when. Which is particularly important for people with dementia because their short-term memory has been compromised, and they’ll need a lot of help as the disease progresses.

Here are some tips for developing a dementia care plan:

Get organized.

Determine who all will have access to the plan and how it will be documented and shared. Assign roles for different aspects of care, including who is responsible for updating the care plan.

Create a daily schedule.

People with Alzheimer’s, or other form of dementia, tend to be more comfortable with a daily routine. So set scheduled times for things like meals, bathing and grooming, activities, quiet time, and a daily walk around your Kansas City neighborhood (and/or other forms of exercise).

Address current and potential upcoming issues.

Some things to consider include home safety, communication barriers, aggression, shared activities, medication management, transportation, financial resources, and sleep problems.

Note behavioral patterns.

To avoid potential behavioral problems, try to identify any triggers. For example, if your loved one gets agitated or aggressive, note things like the time of day, noise level, and/or medication changes.

Review and update, as needed.

Care plans need to evolve as dementia progresses. Periodically review the plan, and update as needed.

Get help

If you need help developing a care plan or implementing your plan of care, contact a Kansas City home health agency that specializes in dementia or Alzheimer’s.

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