Tailored Dementia Care– at Home in Kansas City

Not only is it possible to receive top-level dementia and memory care at home in Kansas City and Johnson County, it’s preferable for many families. Thoughtful Care’s clients who benefit from the one-on-one attention of our skilled caregivers, and enjoy the familiarity of being in their home, are able to age at home with grace and dignity.

What Level of Care Is Necessary for My Loved One?

One of the benefits of working with an in-home care agency like Thoughtful Care is that the care level and routine are tailored specifically to the client’s needs. Because dementia is a progressive disease, our skilled professionals are able to recognize and track changes, communicate these changes to family members and medical professionals, and adjust a care plan accordingly.

Since our professional caregivers engage daily with their clients in their homes, these changes become evident more quickly than if the person with dementia was in a nursing home or care facility. The relationship between caregiver and client gains its own importance, especially when services and routines need to be adjusted.

Some of Thoughtful Care’s tailored services include:

Personal care assistants from Thoughtful Care get to know the people they are serving. They learn the patterns, the interests, the human qualities of the seniors they are working with. This peace of mind is worth it to families who have loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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