Coping with Elder Depression

Elderly people, especially those with dementia, are particularly susceptible to depression—though, it can be difficult to tell the difference between depression in seniors and early signs of dementia. Thoughtful Care’s caregivers, serving Kansas City, Overland Park, Lees Summit, Olathe, Mission Hills and Prairie Village, are trained to recognize symptoms of elder depression.

How In-Home Caregivers Can Help with Elder Depression

Because our trained caregivers devote their services to a consistent client, they can recognize any changes in mood or behavior that might indicate depression.

  • About 17% of people with Alzheimer’s suffer from depression. Our caregivers can make sure that proper medication is given at the proper time to treat depression.
  • When a loved one with dementia show signs of depression, such as loss of desire to engage in hobbies, change in appetite, or a desire to sleep more than normal, a caregiver from Thoughtful Care can notice the difference, and can contact family members or health professionals.
  • Keeping a loved one engaged in mood-boosting exercise and social activities is another benefit a professional caregiver can provide.
  • Professional caregivers can insure that loved ones with memory loss eat properly, warding off blood sugar swings, and optimizing medication absorption.
  • Caring, attentive, consistent companionship eases feelings of loneliness in people with dementia.

Call Thoughtful Care today to find out how our professional in-home memory care providers can assist your loved one. Our trained professionals are here to help.