In-Home Care Success Stories in Kansas City

The phone conversation with Jill’s brother was pretty typical of a family member trying to decide the next move for an elderly parent.

“It’s not going to get easier, it’s going to get harder,” she says to her brother. “Mom’s memory isn’t great, her ability to care for herself has gone downhill, and quite frankly, I’m concerned about her being alone at night.”
“Well,” her brother says, “what should we do? Put her in a home?”

“I really don’t want that for her,” Jill says. “I wish we could keep her in the house. It means so much to her to be at home.”

Getting the Highest Quality In-Home Care

There’s a good likelihood that this conversation is happening right now, in Johnson County, Overland Park and the Kansas City metro area. Baby boomers are aging in record numbers, and their adult children are looking at options for care.

Thoughtful Care provides the opportunity for families to tailor the right amount of care so that aging adults can stay comfortably in their homes. If memory care is a concern, Thoughtful Care has in-home care providers who can monitor and care for a loved one as dementia progresses.

Knowing that a skilled professional is in the home– making sure that a loved one is eating well, taking the proper dosage of medication, being driven to appointments or social events—brings peace of mind to family members who live out of town or are working and raising kids of their own.

Aging at home is an option for active, independent senior adults. Call Thoughtful Care today to discover how we can tailor a plan that’s right for your family.