Top Changes that Disrupt a Person with Dementia

Routine and consistency are very important to people with dementia. In Kansas City, Johnson County, Mission Hills, Overland Park, Leawood, Lee’s Summit, and North Kansas City, caregivers and family members serve themselves well when they become aware of what can trigger bouts of anxiety or a behavioral change in a person with memory loss.

Triggers include:

  • Changes in schedule. Any change to the daily routine, such as travel or visitors who pop in unannounced could throw the loved one with memory loss into a state of anxiety. Be prepared for lots of questions and a need for reassurance when there’s a new face or new place in the routine.
  • Change of season. We can’t help this one, but wintery shadows and dark afternoons can bring on bouts of sundowning, which is anxiety triggered by the fall of night. Consider having more lights installed in the home, and making sure that even in the middle of winter, that your loved one can bundle up and get fresh air and sunshine.
  • Moving. As one of the top stressors for all people, moving to a new home or into an assisted living center could trigger depression, anxiety or behavioral outbursts in a loved one with memory loss.

Our professional caregivers, who specialize in in-home memory care, can help minimize intrusive changes in schedule and routine. Maintaining a safe and pleasant living environment for your loved one with dementia is our commitment. Call us today for more information about our professional memory care services.