5 Ways to Help Your Loved One With Parkinson’s Disease in Kansas City

People who have Parkinson’s disease may find everyday life challenging. Taking proper care of loved ones diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome could make their life more pleasant, easier, and less stressful. Family and friends suffering from the illness tend to have impaired balance, rigid muscles, slowed movement, and tremors resulting in complications in managing day-to-day activities and participating in social life.

A Parkinson’s patient requires extra support and assistance to uphold the quality of life. What can a caregiver do to offer the proper assistance? The following are better methods to help a loved one with Parkinson’s disease in Kansas City.

Learn Everything About Parkinson’s Disease

Understanding everything about the illness is crucial to a Parkinson’s patient caregiver. Loved ones suffering from the disorder show some familiar symptoms. Educating yourself on the disease helps you identify the sources of the symptoms, proper treatment, and how the ailment advances. You can learn more about the disease through Parkinson’s Foundation or read relevant books for more information.

Parkinson’s condition is complex and requires accurate data since it manifests differently in every patient. Ensure you have all the information concerning the disease to know what to expect and how to handle any arising situation.

Young female trainee with elder man in the nursing home

Run Errands for Your Loved Ones

Loved ones suffering from Parkinson’s disease in Kansas City have movement disorder which causes difficulties in fulfilling day-to-day responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and shopping. Your sick friends and family may find it uncomfortable to seek help running errands. Please volunteer to help run errands, cook, clean, and do other daily tasks that seem challenging to do on their own.

Your loved ones will be relieved to have the assistance despite being proud to ask for it. Parkinson’s patients may have critical small favors that they need to perform but feel embarrassed to ask for help.

Help Your Loved One Feel Normalcy

Avoid having a dialogue reminding your loved one that they have Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s patients can quickly lose their sense of self by focusing mainly on the illness and its symptoms. Start a conversation about something unrelated to the disease, and talk about a favorite book or movie.

The normalcy of your loved one’s life may be interfered with Parkinson’s symptoms by making communication hard. To improve communication, restrain from finishing your loved one’s statements. Have simple and general conversations by using names as a replacement for pronouns for clarification.

Go Outside With Loved Ones

Parkinson’s patients may be lonely and isolated from other people. Take your loved one out for a movie or dinner to cheer them up. Choose a theater or restaurant with an elevator or ramp and prepare for any adjustments to your plans if your loved one is not well enough for outdoor activities.

Help your loved one exercise to stay active and improve balance, strength, and memory. Research shows that exercise assists the brain in efficiently using the movement chemical called dopamine. Exercise programs are helpful for Parkinson’s patients in relaxation and boosting coordination.

Attend Medical Appointments With Your Loved Ones

Accompany your loved ones to doctor’s appointments to take notes, ask relevant questions, and share your views on various issues the patient may conceal, such as mood disorders or sleeping troubles. Tagging along to medical appointments will assist in keeping track of therapy or doctor’s appointment dates. Preserve notes on any side effects by utilizing the calendar for accurate information.

Caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s disease in Kansas City can be tough, and it necessitates patience and observation. The above helpful tips will help you match your speed to theirs. You can effectively help loved ones to lead an improved quality of life.

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