Technology and Alzheimer’s: Products that Can Help

Over the past several years, there have been vast improvements in technology that can help people who have Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia (and their caregivers) lead better lives. And many of these items are quite simple to use.

Alzheimer’s Technology You Can Buy in Kansas City

Here are some examples of some helpful items you can buy in Kansas City department or technology stores:

  1. Recording devices. There are a lot of recording devices on the market that can send voice reminders to Alzheimer’s patients to do things like take their medications, stay in the house, get ready for an appointment, and more. These come in various types of formats, such as pendants (to be worn around the neck), bedside or table clocks, recorders, smartphones, or other devices.
  2. Communication Aids. Communication can be difficult for people with Alzheimer’s, but technological aids can help people with dementia to better communicate. Examples include telephones with pre-programmed numbers and photos, video chat programs (e.g., Facetime, Skype), and apps (e.g., Talking Mats, Promenade).
  3. Easy-to-read clocks. People with Alzheimer’s have difficulty with sense of time, so a clock that’s easy to ready can help keep them on schedule. For example, a digital clock with a large face that also shows the date and day of the week would be useful.
  4. Signs and labels. Signs that say, “Stop” on exit doors may alert the person with Alzheimer’s not to leave the house. Labels on commonly-used household items can also help alleviate confusion.
  5. Medication systems. For people who are in the early stages of dementia, a pill box separated into days of the week or a recording device reminder may be enough. For people with later-stage Alzheimer’s, pill dispensers may be more useful, and also safer.
  6. GPS Tracking Devices. The idea that your loved one might wander and get lost is scary; and it’s a very real possibility in people with Alzheimer’s. A GPS tracking device can let you know when the person with Alzheimer’s has left the house, and can also alert the Kansas City police department, and help you pinpoint the person’s location.
  7. Motion sensors. These are also a good tool to assist with wandering. They come in various formats, such as room detectors with monitors, floor mats, bed mats, and socks.