Mom’s Been Diagnosed with Dementia, Now What?

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia in a loved one can raise a host of questions. Thoughtful Healthcare and our affiliates have created a video specifically for new caregivers, to help them understand the steps to take once a diagnosis of dementia has been given.

It can be overwhelming to try to fit the pieces together, but Tim Tholen, Founder and CEO of Thoughtful Healthcare, walks viewers through the process, giving answers for questions that families living in Kansas City might not have considered to ask.

Watch the “Mom’s Been Diagnosed with Dementia” video below.

Loved ones caring for people diagnosed with dementia will want to know about the diagnosis itself—not all dementia diagnoses are Alzheimer’s. Progressions of diseases can vary, so it’s important to educate yourself about treatments and new medications. Routines will probably need to be altered, and more support may be needed.

That’s where Thoughtful Care comes in—we are a locally owned, Kansas City metro area in-home care provider here to support you and your loved ones. Contact us for more information. We are here to help.

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