Anticipating the Progression of Dementia

After a diagnosis has been given and the family begins to learn about the disease, it’s important to understand that dementia progresses at varying– and sometimes unpredictable– rates. Making plans for eventualities is very important for families with loved ones who have dementia.

To help answer some questions about dementia’s progression, Kansas City native Tim Tholen, Founder and CEO of Thoughtful Healthcare and its affiliates, goes over important issues to be aware of in this video.

Watch the “Anticipating the Progression of Dementia” video below.

Loved ones who care for a person with dementia might feel overwhelmed by the changes that are associated with dementia’s progression. In this video, we outline steps to take to help manage the moving parts: from creating a routine for your loved one with dementia, to getting the family communicating about the future.

Don’t let the progression of dementia surprise you and your family. Get informed, be empowered, and call us at Thoughtful Healthcare for support.

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