The Plan of Care

Proper Planning Prevents Problems

Did you know that a simple document can ease the chaos of caregiving for a loved one who has dementia? How, you may ask, can a written document make dementia easier to cope with?

In this video, Tim Tholen, CEO and Founder of Thoughtful Healthcare and its affiliates in Kansas City, reveals one of tricks of the homecare trade: creating a Plan of Care.

Watch “The Plan of Care” video below.

What is a Plan of Care?

A Plan of Care is a document that is used by family members and caregivers to assimilate and organize all of the important information relevant to the person with dementia. Once the Plan of Care has been set up, family members and caregivers can update it and edit it as needed. All a visitor needs to do is to check the document to see what is on the schedule, which medications need to be taken, activities that the loved one likes to engage in, and emergency contacts to call.

Easier Transitions

When the time comes for professional care, the Plan of Care is immediately useful for in-home caregivers, like the trained professionals at Thoughtful Care. It’s a tremendously useful document that can save hours of headache and miscommunication.

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