Routines for Memory Care

Because dementia progresses at varying rates, every day can be different. But having a daily routine can ease anxiety in the loved one with dementia, helping to keep things calm in the long term.

In Kansas City, Leawood, Johnson County and Lenexa, the experts at Thoughtful Care help create routines tailored to our loved one’s needs.

What’s In a Routine?

A routine can be as vague as saying that every morning begins with breakfast and exercise, or as specific as having the meal plans and exercise plans lain out for each day of the week. It can mean that visitors are welcome after lunch, or that visitors are welcome on Wednesdays after lunch.

The point is that structure is very important to keeping a person who has memory loss feel secure. Why? As memory deteriorates, it becomes more difficult for a person with dementia to orient him or herself to the surroundings and circumstances.

When daily routines are predictable, the person with dementia knows what to anticipate, who will be with him or her, and what behavior is expected. It’s easier to relax knowing that he or she will be eating at a certain time every day, and will have her hair done every Monday, or that he will go swimming every Thursday.

The experienced caregivers at Thoughtful Care can help set up and follow routines so that your loved one feels safe and secure as each day passes. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your family today.