Can a Blood Test Detect Alzheimer’s?

Encouraging news for the future of Alzheimer’s research: doctors are ever closer to detecting the markers that indicate Alzheimer’s disease by using a simple blood test. Soon, blood tests could signal indicators of the disease years before symptoms arise, giving individuals who test positively for the disease time to take preventative measures and plan for the progression of the disease.

Alzheimer’s disease has traditionally been difficult to diagnose. Until the 1980’s, autopsies that revealed lesions in the brain were the only way to detect the presence of the disease.

In Kansas City, Prairie Village and Leawood, memory loss patients might be given PET scans to detect neurofibrillary tangles, where the tau protein—an indication of Alzheimer’s disease—can be seen. Until 15 years ago, taking cerebrospinal samples from the fluid around the brain and spine via spinal tap was the primary diagnostic tool.

The possibility of detecting Alzheimer’s by taking a simple blood test would not only allow patients the benefit of early detection of the disease, but could revolutionize the medicines that treat the disease. Simply put– many more people will be willing and able to submit to a blood test than a spinal tap.

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